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Parks and Rec Finder : Can't Leave Comments (through map app)

Question asked by bokeefe on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by adamcarto

So we pretty much have everything working (thanks to @Scott_Rawhouser and his guide to attaching photos) except for comments.


In our ParksFinder config.js file, on line 132 (the URL for CommentsLayer) if I use this URL:



Then the map works splendidly up until I attempt to submit a comment. Where I get the following error:

"Unable to add comments. Comments table is either absent or does not have write access."


Which isn't true. Because if I then travel to the URL for the 'applyEdits' for that service...



And I copy and paste the JSON from a failed attempt:



I get success=true and suddenly that park DOES have a comment.


But if I set the URL in my config.js file to be for a FeatureServer vs. MapServer then simply clicking on a Park (to bring up the popup InfoWindow) locks up my app with the spinning bar of death.


Any idea why I can post comments to a Park through the REST Services applyEdits URL but not through the application?!