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Angled building extrusion

Question asked by KennethLinformi-dk-esridist Employee on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2014 by KennethLinformi-dk-esridist


I’m trying to create a rule, where I can change the angle for different floors. My first issue, was actually right in the beginning, how to extrude at a building angled, with the bottom still aligned to the terrain.

Matt I saw a video with you explaining the concepts of scope (I think it was) and I think that would get me at step further. I did found the thread once again, but the video link does not work anymore. What I was trying to was to use the envelope function, but I can’t get that to create a negative angle. So if the front angle was 45 degrees , the back angle should be the same, just in a negative direction.


I’m attaching an image of what I’m trying to achieve.


By the way, I need to be rulebased, not shapemodeled, for many reasons