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Shaded Relief Color Ramp of a Mosaic Dataset over a a Set of Data Driven Pages

Question asked by gnewburyiv on Sep 3, 2014

I have a mosaic dataset with the following:


  • WGS84 Projection (data content are spread throughout the world)
  • X,Y Cell Size of 1E-6, 1E-6
  • Datasets referenced are natively in UTM
  • Mosaic Functions are Mosaic and Shaded Relief


I'm exporting a set of data driven pages, over a gridded area containing a subset of the mosaic dataset, and I'm finding that if I have the MXD open and add the MD that the shaded relief color ramp looks correct, but as I go to pages (locations) farther away from the initial location that the ramp flattens. Yet if I remove the shaded relief layer and then add it back in to the map, the ramp looks correct.  I have the Z Factor field at 1E-5, and I've tried with the scaling as None and as Adjusted.


I'm using ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 SP1.


I think it is related to the initial min/max values when I add the MD to the map.


Any insight would be appreciated.