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Extrude polygons in City Engine depending of their type attribute

Question asked by ialixandroae on Sep 1, 2014
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I have downloaded some polygons from OSM and in their attributes table is a field named TYPE. I have populated that field with 2 types : blocks and houses.


I have imported the shapes into City Engine and after started a new cga rule. I set a Minimum Height of 30 and a Maximum Height of 50. Depending of their type I want to extrude my polygons : houses = 30 and blocks = 50.

My cga rule doesn`t work. Also, the source for type is the object attributes.


Could you help me please?


P.S.: the rule looks like this :


attr Type = "type"

attr MinHeight = 30

attr MaxHeight = 50



Footprint (type) -->

  case type == "bloc" : extrude (world.y, 50) Mass

  case type == "casa" : extrude (world.y, 30) Mass