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Basic Question: How to extract a Cell from a raster?

Question asked by flixew on Aug 30, 2014
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hey guys,

hope i´m in the right forum here!


I´m trying to extract a Cell from a raster layer and save it in a new raster layer. For that i wanted to use the "Extract by attributes" tool from the toolbox. The problem is now that this tool needs an attribute table which has to be used to write the sql-expression. But in my case i have a dtm raster that has no attribute table. I want to extract the lowest cell, but the z values are just saved as normal coordinates and not in a table. So my question is: How can i extract cells with a certain height from a dtm, even if the layer has no attribute table? Or is there a way to create a new attribute table for the layer and save the z coordinates with the corresponding cells in it? I´m using ArcGIS 10.1.



What i´m trying to do in general (just if you might have better idea to proceed): I need the lowest cell of the dtm because i want to calculate the distance of each cell of another raster to this cell using the "cost distance" tool, which needs an input cost raster.


Sry for english mistakes and i hope i could well describe my problem!