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Cannot open mxd !! help appreciated

Question asked by krellek on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2014 by rdecastro

Hi all,


I cannot open a mxd containing the basis for my work.


In the original mxd the data included was located on a database that I accessed via a database connection.

Recently the data on the original database was transferred to a new database, and this was when my troubles began.

Now I can't open the mxd.... not good.... If I try it just says "loading" for hours and hours

I suspect that it is because when loading the project arcmap doesn't respond because all the data links/paths are not pointing to anything (but shouldn't Arcmap just open and give me grey squares with red marks??).

If I create a new mxd I can access the new database but given the hours spend on my projects I would like to use my old mxd...


I tried to run the mxd-doctor without any success - it is just running "loading" for hours without anything happening



Any Ideas on how to solve this ??


Best regards,