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ArcGISDynamicServiceLayer and Table of Contents

Question asked by insanebunny on Aug 28, 2014

I have an issue that I am trying to solve.


My initial problem was trying to figure out a way of identifying all visible FeatureServiceLayers on the map - however the only resolution I could find for that was to have all the layers to be identified within a single Dynamic Service Layer.


So, going that route (unles there's another option?) I need to find a way to show the Dynamic Service Layers in a table of contents with each layer being able to have a transparency slider for specific layers.  It would also be able to group features within a single Service Layer under seperate headings (without having to create new mxds for each grouping) like I would by placing Feature Service Layers into <div> sections.
I may have confused the situation, please ask for any clarification needed...