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Create Map Tile Package - Can't Set Required Description

Question asked by kbragg on Aug 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by jskinner-esristaff

Hi all

In ArcGIS 10.2 I'm trying to use the GP tool "Create Map Tile Package" or similarly with ArcPy arcpy.CreateMapTilePackage_management()

in either case it errors with:

Map description property must be set

Failed to execute (CreateMapTilePackage).


I don't see how or where to set the description in either the tool or with the python syntax given:

CreateMapTilePackage_management (in_map, service_type, output_file, format_type, level_of_detail, {service_file}, {summary}, {tags})


This works just fine in ArcMap using the menu - File > Share As > Tile Package because I can enter the required description field in the dialog.


Here is the syntax I tried in ArcPy:

elevation_mxd = "C:\\sub\\elevation.mxd"

elevation_tpk = "C:\\sub\\elevation.tpk"

# Process: Create Map Tile Package

arcpy.CreateMapTilePackage_management(elevation_mxd, "ONLINE", elevation_tpk, "PNG", "3", "", "summary", "tag tag2")