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Juno-5/Yuma-2 ArcPad

Question asked by eploo6 on Aug 27, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by SavannahaM

Hi there.


My company is currently trying to decide on whether we should use a Trimble Juno-5 or a Trimble Yuma-2 to run ArcPad (or maybe TerraSync.)

Does anyone have any experiences with either of these and either ArcPad or TerraSync? I read a forum earlier saying that the Juno-5's Android 4 OS lacked licensing from Google and thus they were unable to access any of the apps (including ArcPad and TerraFlex). Is this still happening?!

Do Juno-5's run ArcPad well?

I know very little about the Yuma-2, and while the camera is not as good, it has much more memory and I feel as if Windows 7 Professional is a more reliable operating system.


What do you guys thing? Could you help me out??