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Truncate raster values

Question asked by JimZe on Aug 27, 2014

Hello everyone, im searching for an answer to my question. I have a banch of satelite images and ive been doing some regression calculations between the digital numbers of the images. So when i apply the coefficients of regression equations to each image the new calculated digital number values are run over or below the original DN values ( original data range values is 0-63). So I am looking for a function or a geo tool or something to truncate the calculated values to origidal DN range. One way i guess is by using the reclassify tool but it may take too long beacause there are a lot of images. One other way i found somewhere is by using a formula like: DNnew * 63/DNnew_max value but applying this formula i dont actually get what i want since not all the new calculated values that run over 63 are truncated back to 63.


If someone can suggest a way to help me i would be very greatfull! Many thanks, and excuse me for any mistakes because english is not my native language.