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Need to change which field is the index field because export tool janked my stuff

Question asked by RandyCrumley on Aug 27, 2014
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So I posted on here a few days ago about how datareviewer really screwed me over and I have no resolution.  I've finally figured out that it didn't just jank my atts, it reorganized the revtablemain so the records are not in their original order anymore.  This is a real **** in the punch bowl.


I've done a couple joins for the revpolys and i have them (well, a filed) associated with their original revmain entry.


The problem is I need to reindex the table (and probably the features) based on this new field I have calculated.


How can I do that?  It won't let me remove the OID as the index field because it is "required"


please and thanks.