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Show Table Performance

Question asked by meperko on Aug 27, 2014

Hi.  We are experimenting with filters to provide a query-like capability for our users.  Our data can be quite large (e.g. statewide routes) and I'm curious if the performance I'm seeing in the "Show Table" feature is expected.  In our testing, we are using a feature class of lines deployed through an internally hosted map service that consists of about 77000 features.  Our filters generally return between 30 and 80 features.  When we show the table for the filtered features, we are unable to select a feature through the table to zoom to it.  I mean, it looks selected, but the table always shows "x features, 0 selected."  I know the function works because smaller feature classes seem to perform pretty well.  But, it's like the show table function is trying to manage all 77000 features instead of the 30-80 we've selected. 


Can anyone shed any light on this?  And any tips/tricks are welcome.


Mary Ellen