Example why GeoNet isn't my first stop when looking for help

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Here's an example of why GeoNet isn't my first place to search for help when I need assistance. 

Note; I didn't say I don't come here, but it's not my first choice.


I've been developing some Add-in tools with ArcObjects, technology I haven't used in about 10 years. (needless to say I am very rusty.)

I was having issues with the IFeature Store method when updating a feature attribute. Well, basically ArcMap was crashed when I used pFeature.Store().  I had no idea what I was doing wrong so I went to the internet and googled 'ArcObjects Store crashes'  about 4 or so entries down there was an entry for 'ArcMap Crashes when editing a Geodatabase programatically' (on the old archived Esri forums Dated 2008).  I click on the link and there was an very lengthy discussion between 2 people on my exact problem.  And because of that discussion I was able to sort out my issue.  I wanted to thank them because I was stuck on this issue for awhile. Since the old forums are archived I couldn't post a comment of gratitude. I headed to GeoNet to see if I could find the same archived thread and post a comment hoping the two authors would see that they indirectly helped me.


I have yet to find the discussion in question and it's time for me to move on to something else.


I hope you find this information helpful in the development of this site.