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Personal/Public Accounts use within Organizational Account - Groups

Question asked by Chris.anderson on Aug 26, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2014 by timw1984

I work for a state agency that is one of the leading responders in the case of a disaster (man-made or natural). We are looking to use ArcGIS Online as a tool for helping to collaborate during a response. The goal would be to produce Web services and Web maps that can be used by an Environmental Response Group (within our organization), as well as made available to the public. We are running into a problem where some members of response community have public accounts. We are trying to find a way to invite these members to be a part of our response group. Some of these members do not use ArcGIS, so they do not have an organizational account. On the flip side, some members are part of a huge agency/company, so getting a log-in to their agency/company's organization account may not fit in their agency/company's strategy (e.g. the member's main job does not include GIS, so he/she cannot become a named user). The only solution, so far, is to have a member sign-up for a 30-day trial (which may work for a short, one-time event), but this is not a proper solution.


Has anyone else run into this issue? Have you come up with any solutions? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.