Vehicle Routing Problem Help

Discussion created by princeneptune on Aug 12, 2010
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I'm currently attempting to solve a Vehicle Routing Problem and I have a reoccurring issue.  Here are the basics:

I have 100 orders that need to be serviced by 5 vehicles.  There is one depot that they originate from and end at.  The addresses for the orders and the depot have been geocoded and entered into the ArcGIS accordingly.

I have gone through the tutorials step by step and gone through each setting to make sure it is set to what I'm looking for.

Now for the problem ... when I click "Solve" I get a network of routes that is nowhere near optimized.  The routes themselves scatter areas that don't even have Order locations near them.

Is there something I am blatantly missing?  As I'm typing this, I notice that the Orders themselves do not have lat/long coordinates attached after I load them into orders.  Is there a step I am missing?

I appreciate any help that you may be able to give me!