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Enterprise Arcgis Application

Question asked by shafi_trumboo on Aug 23, 2014
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We are intending to build enterprise Arcgis application based (Widget based+Arcgis Java script+Arcgis server 10.2+ MS SQL server). It will contain tools for reporting , editing data, analysis, decision making, data validation.

Application will contain users with certain roles (abitlity to use tools and data based on role and permission)

We have both spatial and non-spatial functionalities.

Let me give brief about reporting only

In Reporting:

1. Pre-designed and pre-styled reports.

2. The other functional requirement is an ability for end users (not programmers, just normal admin users) to create custom reports to design and style reports for other general users of application like Componentone and Crystal Report in .net provides

Question: I wonder should I use only Javascript or should take leverage from also. The high end design of the appplication is in attached image