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information lookup for stacked polygons

Question asked by spriest on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by spriest

I'm looking to utilize an AGO template to discover whether and address is in our out of a particular zone.  I <3 information lookup, however it doesn't work for me if there are stacked polygons at that address.  Recall that in the typical AGO identify, or click method on the map, the popup tells you the results are for (1 of 3) for instance where multiple features are stacked. The resulting popup for information lookup does not see the 3 polygons. 


I have tried other templates where you input an address, you zoom you to that location, but then the user has to click on the guesstimated point of their address to see the attributes of the zone(s) they're in.  But I prefer the instant popup responsiveness of the information lookup template.


1) Is information lookup customizable to adjust the popup to report stacked polygons (1 of 3) as a hosted app?

2) is there an easy adjustment to make to the template if I were to download and host locally?

3) is there another template that would accomplish both?  In nearly all templates or web apps zoom you into your search criteria, but this is the only one that instantly responds with a popup of results.