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Publish Geoprocessing Service - Error 001270: Consolidating the data failed.

Question asked by jareds22 on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by EITech

Hello everyone!


I am running into an issue when attempting to publish the results of a clip and ship geoprocessing task as a service. Specifically, I am trying to publish the out-of-the-box Extract Data Task. The task itself executes with no problems, but publishing to the server fails with error code 001270. I have ensured that all of the steps in the help files have been followed to try to resolve this, but I've had no luck with that. My data sources are registered with the server. The staging folder has a nice and short path (c:\temp). The server connection name only has 6 characters. The service name only has 8


My biggest thought now is that it may be failing because the layers that I'm having participate in the service are involved in relationship classes. Does anyone know if it is possible to publish a clip and ship GP service with these types of layers? If so, is there anything that I need to do to prepare the data in order for it to be able to publish successfully?


Thank you!