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Layer added to the map with features but symbols not visible

Question asked by sivalingamp on Aug 21, 2014
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We downloaded the TPK file and Layers from ArcGIS Server successfully. When adding the Layers to the base map, all the symbol files are not shown in the UI. But we were able to see the information of feature by tapping specific area in the map. It seems only symbol images are not visible but features are added to the layers. I tried to set custom symbol for feature with image size of 100x100. i am able to see the feature by tapping anywhere inside the pixels i set for symbol but image not shown. If download the layer using Global ArcGIS server, I am able to see the symbols. Can you please update me what went wrong? Is there any setup needs to be done on server to make symbols visible?


iOS Simulator Screen shot Aug 22, 2014 10.53.22 AM.png