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ArcMap crashes on MSVCP90.dll with error c0000005

Question asked by bram.huijsmans on Aug 21, 2014
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we're running ArcMap in a Citrix environment (Win2k8r2/XenApp6.5), which was running quite well. But since a few weeks our users get al lot of AppCrashes on ArcMap. The first time on a 'fresh' Ctrix server they can start ArcGis without any problems, but when they close ArcGis and start it again, it crashes on MSVCP90.dll with error c0000005 (Followed by a second message that the application was unable to start correctly). And when that has happend, no one can start ArcMap on that server anymore (same crash).


Has anyone seen this before, or has any clue what the cause could be?




with kind regards,


Bram Huijsmans


140813 Screenshot AppCrash ArcGis.JPG