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ArcMap Basemap Slow Redraw

Question asked by Cep86 on Aug 21, 2014

I am using ArcMap Standard 10.2.2 on a windows 7 machine.


My computer specs are as follows:

HP Z420 Workstation

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1603 0 @ 2.8GHz

NVIDIA NVS 310 512mb graphics card

32 GB of Ram

64-bit system


I originally designed a standard database and workflow for our GIS needs at my company, and we decided to move forward with license purchases.  While designing I was using ArcGIS 10.2.1 trial version of Desktop, but now we have 10.2.2 Standard Edition.  We also purchased ArcGIS Server as well.  I tried to open up an old map that I used while designing and the basemaps are completely unusable.  I tried to open a blank map and pull in a basemap with no data at all, and again, still unusable.


I ran multiple tests, and our connection reported the following average values:
Ping: 5-15

Download:  12mb - 18mb

Upload:  12mb - 16 mb


I have had experience with slower redraw speeds before and I have altered some settings to troubleshoot.  They are as follows:


Hardware Acceleration:  I have tried with this on and off, with no difference either way.  I should benefit from this due to the graphics card, though...

Projection:  I have ensured that the projection matches the basemap both when there is and isn't data in the improvement.

Cache folder:  I have a custom folder located on my C: and ArcMap is directed to that folder for map caching, which I have read shows improvement over the default My Documents option.

AntiVirus:  I have tried with our Symantec AntiVirus both on and off with no difference.

Firewall:  I have tried with Windows Firewall both on and off with no difference.


If I simply load in the Aerial Imagery basemap or the Streets basemap, it can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 3-4 minutes to reload.  Obviously, this is entirely unacceptable for us to do our work.  Anyone know what the potential problem or fixes could be?  

Thanks in advance!