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Question asked by lonsharp on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2014 by tomearp.rkk

After reading through various ESRI help documents, it seems like the only way to take maps offline into the field is with ArcGIS Mobile (which is currently not an option for us) or with the Collector app. 


To take maps offline with Collector, at least one of the layers needs to be sync-enabled, and the only way to publish a sync-enabled map service with Server is if the source is an enterprise geodatabase.


Which means that to take maps offline, we either need to purchase a license for ArcGIS Mobile, or a license for SDE.


Is that correct?


What I need to do seems fairly straightforward:   Inspectors need to be able to identify specific parcels while out in the field, often in areas with no cell coverage (else they could simply use the ArcGIS app for iOS/Android).   No editing, feature capture or data collection, just feature identification from their current location.


Am I missing something?  Is there another way to take maps offline with what we currently have (ArcGIS Desktop Advanced 10.2.2, ArcGIS for Server Workgroup Standard 10.2.2)?