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Can't See Alerts when Passed through Incident Processor

Question asked by rlamar on Aug 19, 2014
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I have some coordinate information that I'm getting from a .csv file every 5 minutes. I would like to set-up a GeoEvent Auto Arrival / Departure Alert that updates a point feature on a map with a notification symbol when our workers arrive / leave a site (geofence). I can successfully pass the .csv information directly to my Alert point feature. The problem occurs when I try and apply a process to the .csv file. Specifically when I apply an incident detector to the incoming .csv. I set up the incident detector to look for features when they enter the geofenced area and I apply a field mapper process to make sure that I'm aligning my fields, but nothing happens. I've been through the Route Monitor tutorial several times and deconstructed the route-update-vehicle GeoEvent that is part of the tutorial. I believe I'm very close to solving my problem, but I just can't figure out where the error is?