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My public CSV in AGOL cannot be added to the map

Question asked by geo-elektrika on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by cwhitmore-esristaff

I followed the Esri Help below* and uploaded a CSV file as an item at AGOL here:


Shared with      Everyone (public)


Yet I got this error:


The CSV,, is not accessible and cannot be added to the map.


Can anyone say why?


Btw, I confirmed that the same CSV can be uploaded directly to the map, no problem.  Shows up fine that way.





* Esri Help says:


"You can add supported files from your computer to [AGOL] and share them so others can download and open the files in desktop applications. When you share CSV files with everyone (public), you can use the URL that appears in the item details page to add the CSV as a web layer. In addition, organizational accounts can add image files and use the URL to show images in web apps, pop-ups, and so on. You need to share the CSV and image files with everyone (public) to see the URL in the item details page."