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Question asked by jeff.pace on Aug 19, 2014
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using javascript api 3.10


I am using a popup in a sidepanel.  When I click "next" (using the sample integrated in my application) it calls



which then calls


function onResultSummaryItemClick(idx) { // alert(idx);; // alert("index:"+map.infoWindow.selectedIndex); 
var extent = map.infoWindow.getSelectedFeature().geometry.getExtent();
 if (!extent) { // alert(map.infoWindow.getSelectedFeature()+":"+map.infoWindow.getSelectedFeature().geometry); 
map.centerAndZoom(map.infoWindow.getSelectedFeature().geometry, 18); 
map.setExtent(extent, true); 

However the selected feature highlight symbol is ending up first in the list, instead of last, so it is drawing UNDER the feature, and therefore isnt appearing highlighted.  If i click the feature, the highlight moves to the bottom of the list, and draws correctly.


PATHS after hitting next



PATHS after clicking to select


selected_right order.JPG

any ideas? Kelly Hutchins Derek Swingley Jonathan Uihlein