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how to show updated water levels in a polygon

Question asked by stjman on Aug 18, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by oearley

I have created 15 polygons that represent water levels ranging from 3.0 feet all the way to 5.6 ft. These water level polygons were created from LIDAR that was taken in 2000. Recently we have had updated LIDAR points flown from which I have made new polygons with, but these new polygons represent only a small portion of the polygons created from the 2000 LIDAR points. I was able to overlay the old polygons with the new polygons and use the ArcMap ERASE tool to cookie cut that section of the polygon out. I was wondering if there was anyway to update just that section of polygon where I had new LIDAR taken but keep the rest of the old polygon the same?


ETA: If that sounds confusing, let me know and I can post a .jpg of what I am taking about.