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Can we use ArcGIS Viewer Spatial Analysis Tools to perform Data Extraction from ArcGIS Server services?

Question asked by akmanchianand on Aug 19, 2014

I was looking at implementing data extraction in an app and saw that ArcGIS Online Hosted Services already have this ability. You just need to enable the "Allow Data Export" for the feature service by editing the item's properties in your organization and you can use the Analysis Tools in ArcGIS Viewer to perform data extraction.



Though this works well with hosted services, I am unable to get it to work with ArcGIS Server services.


When you enable "Data Extraction" for a hosted feature service, it enables the "Create Replica" operation on the REST endpoint of the feature service.

So, to enable the "Create Replica" operation on an ArcGIS Server service, I enabled the "Sync" capability on the feature service (available only from 10.2.1 onwards). However, when I add this feature service to ArcGIS Viewer and try to use the Data Extract tool in Analysis Tools,  I keep getting the message,

"There is no data in the map that can be extracted. Data owner(s) must first allow others to export."


Is it possible to use the Extract Data Task in ArcGIS Viewer with On-premise feature services?


I'd like to use the Extract Data AMD widget in an app we are developing, but we need to support on-premise feature services too, not just hosted feature services. And I'd like to use the ArcGIS Online Spatial Analysis services instead of publishing a geoprocessing service for performing data extraction.