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Importing dwg into GIS

Question asked by ramsham on Aug 19, 2014
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I am not sure if I am asking the right question or providing enough details, so sorry for trouble. But here it goes


I am home owner and trying to get permit from city officials. As part of the process, they want to get cad files which they can import into their GIS system.

I got a set of the drawings but they didn't import correctly and they said it was "hanging" in sky when they tried to import. So they asked us to get some "horizontal control" figured out from surveyors.


So now we have:

- surveyors gave us new cad files which has horizontal control information. (S1)

- engineer/architect is creating a new set of drawings, which is what I need to give to city for them to be able to import into their system. (C1)


I am trying to find out what information they need to transfer over from S1 to C1 so city can properly import.


Thanks much.