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A call to PrintTask in ArcGIS Server 10.1 does not use POST in IE browser

Question asked by miribsystematics-co-il-esridist Employee on Aug 18, 2014
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of our clients is trying to use a PrintTask that is hosted in one of our
servers (ArcGIS Server 10.1). The printed map can contain few graphic elements.
That's why the call to the task supposed to be done automatically by POST and not GET.  It works well in Chrome,
Mozilla, IE10 and up. Unfortunately it does not work in IE (specially IE8 and IE9).

The only way to do it is using a Proxy that forces the request to be sent by POST but the client does not allow a proxy on his server from Information
Security reasons.
When we put a Proxy in one of our servers, the end user must set the option of "Access data sources across domains"
under Security Tab to enable or prompt (if it is disabled, it does not work) and this is not acceptable.

My questions are:

  1. Why in IE it does not send it by POST (it does not send it at all in case of more than one-two graphics)
  2. If we'll install ArcGIS
    Server 10.2.2 instead of the existed version of ArcGIS Server 10.1, will the PrintTask work as expected also for IE ?
  3. What else can we try? As I mentioned, Proxy is not an option.

Enclosed with the code, with which you can reproduce the problem. Few Notes:

  1. There is a loop in the code
    that displays graphic elements. If it runs with one element, it works OK but with more than one, it gives an error in IE.
  2. There are two lines that are now in comment :

// = "";

// = false;

If you uncomment them, the PrintTask will use proxy but the option of "Access data sources across domains" must be enabled in IE.


Thanks a lot,