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problem  with LayerToKML_conversion tool in python

Question asked by ncelik on Aug 17, 2014
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I am trying to convert some layers, to kml in python IDLE. I used arcpy.LayerToKML_conversion . In ArcMap it works fine and you can convert each layer to kml without  any problem.However when I use it in python script, only first runing result of tool creates the correct location in kml file  and all other layers run inside "for loop" appear in 0 N and 0 S Geographic Coordinates. It is so weird, I checked the layers (.lyr  files) in ArcMap,they are all in correct location. If I close IDLE and only run one file it works, without closing the idle second attempt of running same script with same data will give  in 90° N and 180° EGeographic Coordinates.


I would greatly appreciate if someone tries this tool in python and let me know what they get.


Thank you so much,