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Geometry Fields - Shape.length vs Shape.STLength() in ArcGIS

Question asked by roemhildtg on Aug 15, 2014
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So I've been looking for a good explanation of the difference between how Shape.len or Shape.len and Shape.STLength() is handled in ArcGIS. If anyone can confirm or correct the following for me and explain them better I invite you to do so.


Here is what I believe I know:

  • Both are automatically calculated geometry fields
  • Both fields are permanent and cannot be removed
  • Shape.len/Shape.length is calculated by ArcGIS while Shape.STLength() is calculated by Microsoft SQL Server or another DBMS
  • Shape.STLength() wasn't used by ArcSDE up until a recent upgrade, because it wasn't until our recent upgrade to 10.2 when we started experienceing issues.
  • Because Shape.STLength() is not calculated by Esri, ArcGIS for Mobile and ArcPad both have difficulties with the field because it also cannot be null.