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Any idea on why right-click exporting raster is much more faster than CopyRaster function?

Question asked by shirleydd on Aug 14, 2014

Hi there,


I have a big raster in file GDB (10m resolution Texas State). I did "Add Join" operation to join a dbf file to this raster. "Add Join" is same as right-click raster and join. We all know that such join is temporary and if I want to keep the result I have to export the raster out. Initially I tried CopyRaster function, which took me more than 8 hours to export the raster out to the same GDB. But if I right-click raster and export it from there, it took me less than half an hour. This is really weird. I think CopyRaster and right-clicking is the same. Or not? I am wondering why right-click exporting is much much faster than CopyRaster function in the toolbox.


I actually don't want to manually do this exporting since I need to do it for all the states in US(all in 10m resolution)...If I use CopyRaster in python script, I can automate the process. So I am hoping some suggestions or advice. Thanks in advance!