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Can't get web maps to work on my server

Question asked by dosstx on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by riyasdeen_b

Hello all,

I work in a secure environment (no access to internet) that has ArcGIS for Server and we have Portal for ArcGIS. I have a customer create a web map and then I am trying to bring his web map into my custom HTML template using the ArcGIS API for Javascript using his web map ID (as shown in this example on the ArcGIS documentation page). But...I just can't seem to get the map to show. The only thing that seems to work is a basemap, but none of the webmap layers show.


How do I get the web map to show? How do I get the data layers from the webmap to show over the basemap?


I have ensured his web map is open to everyone (not private) and I am pretty sure I captured the ID correctly.


webmap.itemData = {
"operationalLayers": [{
"url": "WHAT GOES HERE?",
"visibility": true,
"opacity": 0.75,
"title": "Soil Survey Map",
"itemId": "his_webmap_ID"
"baseMap": {
"baseMapLayers": [{
"opacity": 1,
"visibility": true,
"url": "why_do_we_need_a_basemap_here_if_the_webmap_already_contains_one?"
"isReference": true,
"opacity": 1,
"visibility": true,
"url": "what_goes_here?"
"title": "Title here"
"version": "1.1"