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Sync Feature Service to Geodatabase

Question asked by mattkopp on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2014 by r.spitzergeosecure-de-esridist

I have been working with Collector for a couple of days with some pretty good success.  However I have an issue taking the data from the feature service back to my original geodatabase.  Below is my ideal process/workflow.


Geodatabase -> Feature Service -> Collector -> Feature Service -> Geodatabase


So far I can accomplish steps 1-4 without running into any major issues.  I have not found a way to accomplish this final step of synchronizing the newly collected data from my feature service back to the original geodatabase.


I know I can bring the feature service into ArcMap quite easily and edit it's content through the creation of a local copy, but as I far as I am seeing that does not sync back to the original geodatabase.  Additionally I could export the service to shp or fgdb and then copy and paste or use the append tool to import new features.  Unless I am missing something though, this will not update the data collected on already existing features.  It will only add the new features.


I've thought of a couple processes to transfer collected data to existing features, but nothing that is a seamless, simple process.  It all involves a lot of manual reentering of data.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.