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Explorer for ArcGIS, iPad App

Question asked by tfurcron on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by bpierce-esristaff

Explorer for ArcGIS


We have been testing using maps in the field using this app and ArcGIS online for the last Month.  It is set up to display an image in the pop-up media section on ArcGIS Online.   The image comes up fine and without issue in the pop-up, but when we first started using the app you could click on it and it would open within the explorer application full screen making it much easier to read.

In one of the recent updates it started jumping out and opening in Safari or at lease trying to.  On our test iPads we have blocked Safari, so the image doesn't open and is unable to make it any larger.


I am trying to figure out if this functionality was removed or if maybe I can change something to get it back to open in Explorer for AcrGIS?


Thanks for your help.


Tom Furcron