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ArcGIS Online, Editing, Reference Grids Question

Question asked by Wolseley on Aug 13, 2014
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I am working with Municipal Inspectors who need to inspect specific geographic areas; once they inspect an area, they need to mark that the area was inspected.


I have created a grid of squares stretched across our city in a Polygon Feature Class. Each grid has a unique ID. The grid is overlain on top of the ESRI Basemap(s). There is a field in the Feature Class named INSPECTED, into which 2 values can be entered: Yes or No.


I would like to use ArcGIS Online to do the following:


1) While accessing ArcGIS Online, when a grid is inspected, the inspector has the ability to click on a grid and choose Yes or No. Once Yes or No is chosen the grid will change color.


It is possible to do something like this using ArcGIS Online? (I know how to do it with SQL Server Express, ArcGIS for Server; but, our network is closed for security reasons it cannot be accessed from the Cloud)