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Advice on how I can reduce cost

Question asked by ryannz on Aug 13, 2014

Hello everyone it's my first time to deal with publishing a web application with arcgis feature, so please give me advice. I have done some research and found that there are a few free services such as or I know there are limitations to what I can do with these free services.  But if it meets my needs, I really want to stick to it just to save cost since my company is still in testing phase. So here are the requirements:

1. I need a base map

2. I need feature layer

3. I need popup infowindows


I got a developer did the development work for me. And in his code, I can see these:

























Based on my description, do you think the free service is enough to meet my needs? If not, do you have any suggestion for me on how I can save? Earlier today, I asked a question about this line:


geometryService = new GeometryService("");


In production environment, it's not recommended that I use sampleserver. What other options do I have?