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Adding coordinates into ArcMap - Help needed

Question asked by Penguin1 on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by jrflannery

Im working with a DEM downloaded from Digimap of the Orkney islands to ***** the visibility impacts of wind turbines using a view shed analysis. I've complied a document of the wind turbines in Excel to use for the analysis, with their locations in British national grid - Eastings and Northings. However, the problem that I'm having is that I can get this to import into ArcMap and work. If i import with the BNG from a tab delimited file or normal workbook then Arc doesn't reconise any data is present and lists everything as a column - if i have 30 rows of data then there will be 30 columns all labelled fields 1-30.


If i convert to decimal degrees as I read online this might be easier, then the longitude value is a Negative, but this won't display either the fields just display as 'Null'. I have tried adding the compass bearings on to the end of each number to see if this helps but no luck and I have then removed this and made sure the cells are formatted to 'Number' but again it still displays as 'Null'. I have spent hours looking online and cannot find a reasonable solution..


Any help would be much appreciated