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Data driven pages crashes

Question asked by h.smith89 on Aug 13, 2014
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I am having trouble using data driven pages. I have had to create 40 map books and most of them have been successful, however, a few are failing. For example, when I export the whole book to PDF (its only 12 pages!), ArcMap crashes and asked me to send and error report. I have discovered it is only on page 2 it crashes, when I export the other pages separately, it is successful. Even exporting page 2 on its own makes it crash. 

First I thought it was the size of the raster image in the page but larger images on other pages have exported fine. Also, I have removed the images completely from the mxd so there are no rasters and it still crashes on page 2!!

In the other map books, it is not necessarily page 2 that crashes, it seems to be random.


I know it is vague but I have no idea what could be the problem, any help would be great!


Thanks in advance.