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Has anyone tested ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS with iOS 8 betas?

Question asked by KJohnsonNarwhal on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by dlednik-esristaff

I learned today of an issue with Core Location in iOS 8: a new key or keys must be added to Info.plist to get Core Location to work. More information is available on these pages:


- iphone - iOS 8 : Location Services not working - Stack Overflow

- rdar://17465666: Apps built for iOS 7 don't ask for location permission

- fixes #481: update CL tracking API for iOS 8+ · 8d6b14a · mapbox/mapbox-ios-sdk · GitHub


I'll note that I have not tested this myself, nor thoroughly investigated the issue. This may be nothing, but I'm curious as to whether ArcGIS developers or users of the SDK have tested their apps with iOS 8.