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Accessing GlobalID of an AGSGDBFeature object?

Question asked by mleahyesri-ca-esridist Employee on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by ozcandurak

Hello all,


I have just found that I cannot see the GlobalID attribute in an AGSGDBFeature object from a local geodatabase used by an iOS SDK app that I'm working on.  We have two feature classes (A and B).  Features in B have a GUID attribute that stores the GlobalID attribute of a related feature in A.


In the iOS runtime SDK, an AGSGDBFeature from featureclass B will allow me to access the GUID attribute that refers to the GlobalID of a feature in A  (e.g., NSLog(@"A GUID from featureclass B: %@", [feature attributeAsStringForKey:@"A_GUID"]); ).


However, an AGSGDBFeature from featureclass A does not give me access to the GlobalID attribute anywhere.  For example, I have logged-out the complete attributes from a feature in featureclass A (e.g., NSLog(@"All attributes: %@",[[featureA allAttributes] description]); ), and there is a definite absence of the GlobalID attribute.


Is here something I'm doing wrong? Or is there a deliberate reason that we should not have (read-only) access to the global ID attribute?  Perhaps there is there some other way I can get at it?  I can see the globalid in the SQLite geodatabase file...


The main reason I'd want access to the globalid attribute in featureclass A is so that I can use it to populate the corresponding GUID field in featureclass B for related features.