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Does a user's guide for consumers of Map Journals and Map Tours exist?

Question asked by MikeTschudi on Aug 9, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2014 by MikeTschudi

I see developer's guides, but not user's guides.


In trying out my Map Journal and Map Tour with family members not as familiar with computers, I'm finding that they are getting stuck by UI elements such as gray text that's meant to be clicked, photos in a gallery that are meant to be swiped or click+dragged but don't have UI clues, and that one clicks on an icon in a Map Tour to focus on a photo, but that you have to click on the photo itself to see it.


So if there's a user's guide out there, I could link to it early in my Map Journal or Map Tour for people to go to to seek help.  A Map Journal illustrating the Journal and Tour UIs in small steps would be terrific.