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Corrupted Files

Question asked by aujohnson on Aug 8, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by cdspatial

I opened ArcMap today to find all the files that were turned on in the Table of Contents in a certain .mxd file to be corrupted - can't be added to any arcmap document from the catalog, data source can't be repaired on the specific .mxd file.  The strange thing is that the files that were turned off in the table of contents were undamaged.


The only thing that I've done in ArcGIS for the past couple days is create a zipped file from the .gdb. Could this have somehow corrupted my files?


Any ideas on what to do? The error I get is ""Error opening feature class" and "Could not add the specified object to the map" when I try to drag the shapefiles onto a blank map.


My org. uses ArcMap 10.1.  Thanks!