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using the downloadable configurable app - what to ask my IT department

Question asked by sus1442 on Aug 11, 2014
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I've successfully created interactive map at ArcGIS Online using my personal ESRI account to demonstrate to my organization what is possible with the data we have. They would like to launch this from our own website, and I have downloaded the StoryMap Journal configurable app which I know needs to be accessed through a web server in order to "build."


Here are my newbie questions: a) what do I need to ask of our IT department in terms of space, etc for installing the StoryMap Journal template?; b) the photos I am using currently are hosted on Flickr - can they be installed on a directory on our own web server and accessed from there without much fuss or rewriting of code? c) Can the draft interactive map already created and hosted on ArcGIS Online be imported and saved in the StoryMap Journal template when installed on our own web server?


Thank you in advance for any advice or assistance!