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Identify, Select, Highlight

Question asked by jay.kapalczynski on Aug 11, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by jay.kapalczynski

I am trying to get the attached to work. 


  1. Open the app
  2. Click on the icon in the top header
  3. click on a bird in the map
  4. the selected attributes are shown to the right.


  1. Now zoom out a bit to where the birds are overlapping.
  2. Click the birds image again where they are overlapping.
  3. Notice now on the right that there are Next and Previous buttons to scroll through the results.


Everything works great to this point.  BUT I want the feature in the map to either Highlight or replaced with another image.

I cannot figure out how to do this.  I was in contact with ESRI and their tech could not answer this as well....

As the user scrolls through the multiple return results I want the feature to show up in the map that corresponds with the active result on the right


Code is attached in a single HTML file.....


I am trying to create a new Graphic with the below...but not working...


Can I create a graphic or Highlight the selected graphic????   If so how????



    function displayPopupContent(feature){


           var content = feature.getContent();

           registry.byId("leftPane").set("content", content);


            var pt = feature.geometry;

            var sms = new SimpleMarkerSymbol().setStyle(


            new Color([255,0,0,0.5]));


            var graphic1 = new Graphic(pt, sms);