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Clip Function

Question asked by Bauger on Aug 8, 2014
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Hi folks,


I am working on creating a tool that buffers streams and wetlands based on stream classes and their levels of protection required. I have created the tool but ran into a problem that was easily fixed before but I cannot seem to figure out how to integrate the fix into my python script. See the attachment below for details.


Before I used to fix the problem of the green buffer overlapping the higher priority  grey buffer. I used to fix this before by selecting the grey buffer and using the "Clip" button found under the Editor toolbar dropdown. This would clip the green buffer to the boundary and that would be that.


Is there a way to set up my buffer or to create a clip function that will clip all the green areas when they overlap a grey buffer. All the buffers are coded and could be assigned priority in a function if needed.








To clarify, this is what I want to do, but using python.


Removing overlap from existing polygons you have overlapping polygons that you want to make coincident or adjacent, you can clip out the overlapping portion. When using this method, keep in mind that all editable features underneath the feature you are using to clip with will be clipped.

  1. Select the polygon feature whose border you want to maintain. The other polygon will be clipped back to match it.
  2. Click the Editor menu, then click Clip.
  3. Set the buffer distance to 0 and choose to discard the area that intersects.
  4. Click OK.