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Nexus 4 Sync Issue

Question asked by stacemaples on Aug 7, 2014
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Russell Roberts


I'm having trouble syncing an Android device running Collector. I've got a Feature Service coming out of ArcGIS Server 10.2.2. We're downloading the service, taking it into the field for offline editing and syncing back in the office. I've got 5 N4 units and various other personal devices surveyors are using. This is the only one giving me an issue. The service is using LDAP, so Collector requires signing into AGOL as well as the Service. One thing I'm wondering, does the service need to be synced using the same credentials used to download it? I don't know that that is the issue, but it strikes me a the kind of gotcha I would expect to be causing issues?


Is there a set of things I can typically do to troubleshoot syncing issues? Are there logs I can open on the device?




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