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Services stuck in use, even long after they've passed the timeouts

Question asked by juhunter on Aug 7, 2014

Hey all,


I came to work this morning with an inbox full of error reports because one of my maps was stuck at the 2/2 in use - starting at about 1am every available instance for that map became in use. I've run into this issue before, and I don't understand what the point of these timeout values are - while they do give control back to the calling application - it doesn't actually stop ArcGIS Server from continuing to process the request. So - if the person re-submits, that's the second one now in use.


I've also had a service in use for several weeks now - ArcGIS Server isn't properly recycling ones that become broken some how and the manager thinks they're in use.


Any way to fix this? This should not be something I have to manage.