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How can I get  click event Of esri.toolbars.Draw

Question asked by xiaoyun8786 on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2014 by xiaoyun8786

1111.jpgHello every superiors:

      Now I have a question to   consult.

code A :

        var measureLengthToolbar = new esri.toolbars.Draw(map);



I know the end of  the event is

      code B:

                  dojo.connect(measureLengthToolbar, "onDrawEnd", function(geometry) {



            this  is the double click event .

when I  draw  the line  of  center ,I need single click, because  I need  to deal songthing when single click ,how can I draw the code like  code B,thanks very much.