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Labels not showing up in published map service

Question asked by kreuzrsk on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by kreuzrsk

We have an MXD with several layers all of which display labels at one scale or another.  It's been publishing to ArcGIS Server just fine but the user noticed that the wrong attribute was being labels.  The user modified the MXD and asked me to publish it.  I went through the same process that I've been doing for the past several months but today the labels aren't showing.  I've verified that the labels display properly in the preview when creating the SD file but once published they don't show.  I've also bypassed the service definition file process and published directly to the server but that didn't help.  Any ideas?


One of the layers should be displaying labels at all scale so that's not the issue.  Myself and others have zoomed in and the labels never come on.

The data is stored in MS SQL 2012 / ArcSDE 10.1 SP1.  The labels are coming from an attribute in a joined table if that makes any difference.